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Directed by Elodie Edjang

Queer Christians


Exploring the complex intersections and boundaries between faith, race, and radically inclusive love, Queer Christians intimately interweaves the stories and lives of three queer, Evangelical Christian women of color untangling how they define themselves from how their communities define them. As they reconcile the sacrifices they must make with the moments of joy that come with being seen and fully accepted for who you are, they wrestle with questions of what is gained and what is lost when you leave behind a home and set out to build a new one.


Elodie Edjang (she/her) is a documentary based multi-disciplinary artist from Atlanta, GA by way of France and Cameroon. She specializes in short-form content, non-traditional portraits, and blending narrative and documentary techniques. Previously, Elodie served as the lead video editor for Local Legend Films a Chicago-based production company and was selected as a 2019 NeXt Doc Fellow, a fellowship for emerging filmmakers of color. Elodie has been involved with a wide range of organizations including Australian television network SBS and Kartemquin Films. She currently serves on the mentorship committee for the  Alliance of Documentary Editors and as a  consulting producer for a short queer documentary anthology. Her latest short documentary Book of Daniel screened at Tacoma Film Festival, Black Harvest Film Festival, and Block Cinema of Art. She is currently co-directing a short documentary about Kartemquin Films co-founder Gordon Quinn. Elodie holds an MFA in Documentary Media from Northwestern University and earned a B.A. in Anthropology and a B.A.J. in Advertising from the University of Georgia.

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