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Elodie Edjang

Mission-driven storyteller with documentary filmmaking background. Dedicated to driving positive social impact through people-centered design and storytelling.
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Qualitative Researcher

My Journey

Advertising & Anthropology

  • Earned a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology and a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism in Advertising from the University of Georgia in 2015

  • Through research projects, client case studies, and a documentary and creative writing study abroad program developed strong writing, research, observational, and storytelling skills

Documentary Filmmaking

  • Earned a Master of Fine Arts in Documentary Media from Northwestern University in 2018

  • Documentary filmmaking allowed me to sharpen my ethnographic skills and become an expert in in-depth interviewing

Design  Research

  • Honed my research skills with disability-driven intimacy company, Bumpn before I secured a position at Shure Inc as a Design Researcher

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Case Studies

Doc Mentor Cover Blue_2.png

Doc Mentor | Case Study #1

Discovery research for online mentorship platform

Transfer Student Migration case study cover photo

Transfer Student Migration | Case Study #2

Ethnography on transfer students at the University of Georgia

Report Example Cover.png

Marketing Research |  #3

Example of report 

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