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Elodie Edjang, a brown skinned black woman dressed in vintage clothing looking off to her right

Documentary. Screenwriting.  
Poetry.  Performance Art.
Video Art. Podcasts. Shorts.

I’m a French-born, Atlanta-bred, Cameroonian creator with a variety of interests and creative outlets.


I make funny, serious, and emotional things. I'm interested in community and what it means to belong. I'm invested in community building and sharing knowledge and resources.

Symbol for Cancer Zodiac

My Interests

Community.  Immigration. UX Research.  Digital + Personal Archives. Artificial Intelligence. Women. LGBTQIA+.  Disability. Marginalization.  Faith.  Health Care.

Neurodiversity. The Internet.  Street Signs. Trauma. Identity.

YouTube. Reality Television.  Singing. Songwriting. Hula Hooping.    Design Thinking.   My Cat. Personal Finance.  Mental Health. Personal Development.  Collage.

It is important for us to have our own cinema. It enables us to see, feel and understand ourselves through the mirror of film.

- Ousmane Sembene

White man with beard and baseball cap smiles

Sebastian Buffa, Filmmaker

"Elodie is a talented filmmaker and storyteller that brings her unique multidisciplinary skill set to every project. It is a treat to work with Elodie; she has a quiet confidence and conviction about her work and creative voice, but is also open to collaboration and receiving input. She went above and beyond to help bring my project to life, and it was a pleasure to have her energy on set. Grateful for our work together so far, and looking forward to more collaborations in the future!"

White woman with dark brown long hair

Jayme Joyce, CEO,
Local Legend Films

Within the first quarter of working with our company, Elodie was a critical artistic leader on many of our most prominent film projects .Elodie's vision took all of the projects she touched to an elevated level of integrity and substance. She is one of the most thoughtfully intentional human beings I have ever met and Elodie's integrity and commitment are fierce and inspiring. She has an incredible attention for detail that has propelled me to learn and pay closer attention to sound design and my own process in my own art. My favorite thing about working with Elodie is that I always feel a secure trust. Elodie will always take your view into careful consideration and then will ultimately make the bold leadership moves necessary for the highest version of the production.

White woman with long blond hair smiling with teethe

Katy Osborn, Producer, Amelia Street Studios

We were piecing together the first rough cut of our feature-length documentary. It was the first time we were bringing in outside voices to help us figure out what our story was all about. Elodie helped hone the message and the focus of our film. She asked the hard questions and offered thoughtful feedback. She shared a perspective that we hadn't considered previously and shaped the direction of our edit. I appreciate Elodie's honesty and directness. She listens well and follows through with high standards. I trusted her with the tedious tasks and the big-picture thinking."

My Reputation

My Values

  • Transparency

  • Collaboration

  • Creativity

  • Autonomy

  • Joy

  • Curiosity

  • Self Care

  • Equity

  • Rest

  • Grace

  • Authenticity

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