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Elodie Edjang, a brown skinned black woman dressed in vintage attaire looking off to her right

Stand Up  Comedy 
Documentary. Screenwriting.  
Poetry.  Performance Art.
Video Art. Podcasts. Shorts.

I’m a French-born, Atlanta-bred, Cameroonian creator with a variety of interests and creative outlets. I make funny, serious, and emotional things. I'm interested in community and what it means to belong. I'm invested in community building and sharing knowledge and resources.

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My Interests

Community.  Neurodiversity.  Immigration. Artificial Intelligence. Women. LGBTQIA+.  Disability. Marginalization.  Faith.  Health Care. Digital + Personal Archives. The Internet. Urban Semiotics (Street Signs). Trauma. Identity.

Reality Television.  Singing. Songwriting. Hula Hooping.  YouTube.   Design Thinking.  Mental Health. Flatulence. Menstruation.  Bowel Movements.  Personal Finance.

My Cat. Collage. Personal Development.

It is important for us to have our own cinema. It enables us to see, feel and understand ourselves through the mirror of film.

- Ousmane Sembene

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My Values

In addition to shared interests, I value working with people of like values.  

Do You Value...

  Transparency. Creativity.  Autonomy.  Joy.  Curiosity.  Self Care.  Collaboration.  Equity.  Rest.  Authenticity. Grace.